Ethical coffee company´s compatible coffee capsules: 


The biodegradable ECC capsules are made of plant fibre and are compatible with almost all Nespresso™ machines*. They will not damage the machine or affect the warranty. To prepare the espresso, run a little water in the cup without the capsule to pre-heat the cup. Then place the capsule in the machine and proceed as normal. The lever is sometimes a bit harder to close, depending on the machine but this is normal. As the coffee is being poured, you may hear a slight perforation sound, which is normal. It should take about 30 seconds to extract your espresso, which is normal for espresso making. You may need to adjust the timing on your machine to reach the desired amount.


After each extraction please empty the capsule straight away (Try not to leave it in the machine too long). In the case that a capsule does not fall out please use a small spoon to tip it out - or run the water a little.

Lungos: Do not use the large button on your machine! The pods are made for espresso 40ml or ristrettos 25ml, therefore please use the small button for a single shot. For a double shot use 2 capsules. For a lungo coffee 110 ml please use one or 2 small shots, empty the capsule, and press the water button to fill up to the desired amount.

See video of how to use the ECC pods:

* Do not use the ECC pods for professional machines, Gaggia, Saeco or Siemens machines, built-in models (Miele), Romeo Nespresso™ machine and capsule-holder machines

For U and Citiz models and for machines used in offices, please use the Caffee Impresso range of capsules.

Caffee Impresso capsules:

The Caffee Impresso capsules are compatible with most domestic machines and no exclusions are known to us at this stage*. They will not damage the machine and not affect your warranty. You can use the capsules in your machine the same way as Nespresso™ capsules. After use you can either dispose the capsules in your house hold rubbish, or if you lift the lid and wash out the capsule you could recycle them in the green bin.

The Caffee Impresso coffee capsules are more suitable for machines used in offices as the capsules are individually wrapped.

* Do not use the Caffee Impresso coffee pods for professional machines

Linospresso compatible coffee pods

Our Lino'spresso® capsules are compatible with Nespresso® brand coffee machines for home use like Citiz, Pixie, Maestria, Essenza, Lattissima and U.
They cause no risk to your machine or warranty. To prepare your espresso, insert the capsule into your coffee machine as you are used to and lower the lever firmly.Once your coffee is ready, simply eject the capsule and discard with your regular household waste. Do not leave pods in machine after the extraction of the coffee. 

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