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ALLaboutPODS can offer you a real alternative for consumables for your home Nespresso™ system coffee machines. We offer a choice between the Swiss "Ethical Coffee company" and the Dutch "Douwe Egberts L´OR Espresso" capsules.


Ethical Coffee Company:                  

Douwe Egberts L´Or Espresso:


ECC coffees are very carefully selected and roasted using traditional methods, to the highest quality standards. The result is a top-quality espresso in the best Italian traditions.


Douwe Egberts is a major global coffee company and recently launched their new product "L´OR Espresso" in many available flavours.

Test results:

In May 2012, the German Institute IRES carried out a blind tasting survey in Germany, on a sample of 100 consumers. The study demonstrate that 58% of consumers preferred Ethical Coffee Company coffee varieties over other espresso samples.


Value for money:
Depending on order amount and delivery method, w
e can offer you at least 18% and up to 32% discount for our compatible pods vs. average Nespresso Prices (as of July 2012).

Depending on order amount and delivery method, although a branded product,
L´OR capsules are between 10% and 26% cheaper than average Prices of Originals (as of July 2012)

ECC capsules are compatible with almost all home machines of the Nespresso™ system*. They will not damage the machine or affect the warranty. To prepare the espresso, run some water through the machine without the capsule, to heat the cup. Then place the capsule in the machine and proceed as normal. The lever may be a bit harder to close depending on your machine but this is normal. As the coffee is being poured, you may hear a slight perforation sound, which is normal. It will take about 30 seconds to pour your espresso, which due to the high compaction creates a more intense flavour. After each extraction please eject the capsule straight away (Don´t leave it in the machine). In case a capsule gets stuck, please use a small spoon to tip it out or run the water a little.

* Excluding professional machines, Gaggia, Saeco or Siemens machines, built-in models (Miele), Romeo Nespresso machine and capsule-holder  machines

For more information on compatablilty click here:

Douwe Egberts L´OR Capsules are  compatible with most machines and do not damage or affect the warranty of the machine. There are no known exclusions to us at this point.

The capsule is a major innovation that is totally unique, both in terms of coffee quality and the future of the environment for generations to come. Ethical Coffee Company capsules are made primarily from plant fibres and starch and break down in the environment approximately 6 months after use*.        

Once the capsule has been used, simply throw it out with your household waste or put them into your organic waste bin. Better still, you can even compost them in your own garden.

The L´OR Capsules are made from plastic and can be disposed of in standard household waste.

They can be recycled in green bins where available, if pre-cleaned.


Fair trade:
The coffee in our Inca Soave and Lungo pods is 100% Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers.

Utz Certified:
The coffee in all L´Or capsules is UTZ Certified.



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